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If I had any "wheelhouse" as far as industries go, it's Sports. Between my books (see appropriately named "MY BOOKS" section) and other sportswriting, I'd wager I know more than your average ad guy about the sports fan and what makes him/her tick. And, yes, that's me below talking fantasy football on ESPN with rock legend Meat Loaf. Because, of course, Meat Loaf. Here are just a few samples of articles/TV appearances...

The New York Times
"The Fantasy Sports Non-Scandal"

Sunday New York Times
"In Turkey, It's First Down and Miles to Go"

Sunday New York Times
"So You Think a Hold and a Kick Are a Snap?"

Sunday New York Times
"When Fantasy Players Go All In"

NewYorkTimes.com "5th Down" Blog Archive

TV Appearance: FOX & Friends
Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

ESPN "Cold Pizza"

Advertising Age
"For Agency Fan, Football a Game in More Ways Than One"

Bloomberg Business