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Fact: Mobile ESPN was perhaps the worst business decision in the history of corporate America. Harvard should use it as a case study of how not to launch a new product. But we at least had some fun on the work while futilely pimping this $500 cinder block of a phone.
Role: CD/CW. 

Life can often get in the way of your sports. Which is stupid.

Oh, and to show how much people mocked this phone, here's what Deadspin wrote after ESPN decided to shitcan the entire cellular experiment: "Mobile ESPN will announce Thursday that it is closing down operations, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. It's funny, too: We were JUST about to buy one! We know it's a little late, but, you know, seeing Dan Le Betard being interviewed yesterday while an ESPN Mobile phone flashed on the screen finally convinced us; we think maybe we just hadn't been exposed enough to it yet."
God, I love Deadspin

Enter the Sporture Chamber . . . if you dare.