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Cannes winner Internet Explorer 8 got a bad rap. Slow. Antiquated. The last browser you'd want protecting you. But even though IE8 had became one of the safest available, the average consumer thought he/she was too smart to fall for online scams. NOPE. To prove them wrong, we brought some of the most popular cyber-scams into the real world: New York City. We dubbed it THE DOT CONS and scammed real people out of myriad nutty personal information, proving how easy it is to fall victim to Internet fraud. This effort won a Silver Lion in Cannes. ROLE: ACD/CW. ACD/CW: Justin Ebert. CW: Ian Falcon. AD: Slava Morshch. GCD: Tim Roper. CCO: Rob Reilly. Agency: CP+B.


And the icing on the scam cake: to really make our storefronts convincing, we crafted legit signage. These posters were placed throughout our "Inheritance Store." After the scams were revealed, some of our targets asked if they could take them home. We also created fake web sites and banners.