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This project drove awareness for, and donations to, the Coaches vs. Cancer program, a collaboration between the American Cancer Society® and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). All during the most popular sports event of the year: the NCAA’s “March Madness” tournament. This integrated campaign starred real, basketball-playing cancer survivors dubbed the "Hardwood Heroes." We told their personal stories in video, showing the world their never-give-up, unapologetic, #Unbustable spirit.
RESULTS: The campaign received 9.4 million video views and drove over 550k Round-By-Round bracket registrations with nearly 11MM total picks. There were over 263,000 Facebook Livestreams of our Hardwood Heroes game. And the Charity Stripe activation, where fans made 2,523 free throws, tallied another $24,785 in donations. Role: CD/CW.



And we got some great press, from People Magazine to CNN.