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Goose Island Beer Co. is a Chicago mainstay. Hence, huge Chicago Bears fans. But when Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed an “easy” 43-yard field goal, knocking the Bears out of the NFL playoffs, and the entire city wanted to murder him—even his family got death threats—Goose rushed to his defense. How? By issuing a challenge to the people of Chicago: if you think it was so “Easy,” get your fat ass off the couch and come prove it.

It did not go well for the kickers. But we at Crispin took on the #FieldGoalChallenge. Which went better for us than for the goons in Chicago. The whole thing got coverage from ESPN SportsCenter, Yahoo, Thrillist, USA Today & more. Best of all, Goose donated $20k to the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Parkey’s fave charity. Agency: CPB+. 

• For starters, it made Fallon. Go to 4:12 mark. Or just watch it all because he’s funny.

• And Jim Rome:

It also got all kinds of national, non-advertising press.