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Come fantasy football season, even the most unassuming sorts have a dark, obsessive, uber-competitive "fantasy side" lurking underneath, ready to unleash on their hapless league mates. So to let them know that ESPN truly "gets" them, we created this TV, Print and Digital campaign that was honored by the Kelly Awards (Integrated finalist), One Show, Webbys, NY Festivals, ADDYs, Hatch. Best of all, IT WORKED and helped ESPN reach its goal of 1.6 million new subscribers.
Role: ACD/CW. CW: Alex Russell. AD: Mary Rich. ECD: Roger Baldacci. CCO: Pete Favat. Agency: Arnold.

Awards Show Video:



We also added another weapon to the fantasy fanatic's playbook: "Smack Cards." With a choice of different greeting cards (the hanging orangutan is particularly popular) and a wide array of customizable taunts, insults and illustrations, that all-important psychological edge in the battle for league domination was now just a click away. Think "Successories"-meets-Hallmark Cards, but much meaner. Enter the world of Smack Cards.

Kelly Awards Entry Video

Finally, ESPN staff writers even embraced our concept and made it part of their weekly content.